Hidra Animation
Game Character Elephant Samurai
Game Character WereShark
Game Character Land Dragon
Game Character Serpent Dragon
Music album cover - Available for sale
Aztec Eagle warrior
Stealth Sniper illustration
Character inspired in the "Cholos"
Character Illustration for the NFT game CALVARIA
Character Illustration for the game NFT  CALVARIA
Character Illustration for the NFT game CALVARIA

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Hello I am Wesley! :)
Feel free to reach out over 1-On-1 service and we can discuss about your project. I really want to work with you!
I am a father, husband, teacher and in love with design since I was a little kid.As a international awarded book cover designer, create the best design for you is my passion and my goal.

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"As a first time author it was great working with WGOULART. He was very helpful and very patient. Thanks Wesley :)"
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"Professional, timely work. We have collaborated on three book covers, and all have been outstanding. Highly recommend."
Image de profilmnwiggins6r évalué il y a environ 2 mois
"I love the design!! He was fast, and very quick to response to requests for changes. I would definitely use his services again."
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"Excellent Services"
Image de profilSir Morgan évalué il y a environ 2 mois
"Excellent Designer. A pleasure to work with. Hope to continue working with WGOULART for a very long time."
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