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Logo & Brand Guide for software consulting company
Fitness Logo
Illustrative Icon Pack
Clean Logo
Brand Guide for a Beef processing facility
Brand Guide for an aesthetic, luxury beauty brand.
Brand Guide for a natural, masculine health brand
Brand Guide for Family Owned Meat Company
Log & Website Design for Spine Craft
Logo & App Design for Event Management
Clean Design for Solar Energy Brand

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"Good design is actually a lot harder to notice than poor design, in part because good designs fit our needs so well that the design is invisible"
DON NORMAN - Human-Centered Design Pioneer

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"Thanks again for all that you have done! I’m a tough client to impress but you have impressed me and beyond. "
Client anonyme évalué il y a environ 4 heures
"Just an absolute top notch professional to work with and amazing designer too. Definitely a big part of our team."
Client anonyme évalué il y a 3 jours
"Absolutley great working with this designer. Will come back once again very soon!"
Client anonyme évalué il y a 5 jours
"Been an absolute please working with as well. :)"
Image de profilTerry Bogard répondu il y a 5 jours
"Very satisfied with the result. Highly recommended!"
Client anonyme évalué il y a 7 jours
"Great to work on your branding. Been a pleasure."
Image de profilTerry Bogard répondu il y a 6 jours
"Terry Bogard was great to work with. We love the logos and brand bible he made us. Will definitely work with him again."
Image de profilbrojas évalué il y a 14 jours
"Thanks. Been a pleasure working on your brand too. Will continue."
Image de profilTerry Bogard répondu il y a 14 jours