Basketball camp logo
Animated commercial
Logo concept for coffee shop
Zoom background
Logo concept for healthy whole food brand
Bear and fish logo
Logo concept for Korean ice cream
Abstract logo for fast food restaurant
Logo concept for residential home builder
Branding proposal for premium coffee roasters
Logo concept for apparel company
Logo proposal for campus farm

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Hello! We are sanjar, team of two designers Sanja and Jovan.


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"Sanjar was so great... I had a lot of moving pieces to complete our brand book and had to delay multiple times while waiting for photography or other elements to come into place. They were more than generous and professional, providing us with a great r..."
Client anonyme évalué il y a plus d'un an
"I truly appreciate how Sanjar was able to work quickly with me to accomplish this project and how willing they were to work with me on nitty-gritty details. They did a great job and I'd hire again!"
Client anonyme évalué il y a presque 2 ans
"I was so grateful for the prompt response and attention to detail that Sanjar provided. They were able to give me a quick turnaround and were very patient with me during multiple edits. Would hire again!"
Client anonyme évalué il y a presque 2 ans
"Beautifully thought out design, very happy working with Sanjar"
Image de profilmarcushv9g évalué il y a environ 2 ans
"Understood the assignment...quick results with minimal effort on my end as the client! "
Image de profilJensen RE évalué il y a environ 2 ans