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In short, I am a passionate and dedicated t-shirt designer with a proven track record of success. I take great pride in my work, and I look forward to continuing to create stunning designs for years to come.

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"Great communication and design. "
Image de profilBlueTunaSpearfishing évalué il y a 8 jours
"Thank you! "
Image de profilRetroGenetics répondu il y a 7 jours
"Great job, and did redits well."
Image de profilNikollaj évalué il y a 26 jours
"great work, thank you! :)"
Image de profilcReeDorian évalué il y a 3 mois
"Thank you!"
Image de profilRetroGenetics répondu il y a 3 mois
"Great designer. Really enjoyed working with them :)"
Image de profildaenterpri évalué il y a 4 mois
"After some questions and few hints, he realised exactly what I have asked"
Image de profilchoppymai9 évalué il y a 4 mois