New website design wanted for iQ Bazaar

Here we have a designer that truly listens to your requirements, reads between the lines, fulfills your needs and last but not least, delivers!

After a couple of conversation, I started calling this designer Superman, names him after the icon he was using here on

I am very happy with the results and how 99designs processes the winning design and the handover.

Nevertheless, my winning designer, Hitron, is a quick replier, his responses and rapid, sharp and rich. I hope such people continues in their line of business, simply because they LOVE what they DO! I would recommend this designer any time, any day.

Best of Luck to the Designer Hitron!

Sincerely Yours

Kawan Jiawook
iQ Hosting & Content Manager
Sulaymaniyah - IRAQ

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il y a presque 6 ans

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